Celebrating the Arts, Sciences, Technology and much more, Urban Art Lab Salt Lake City – 6970 is an urban cluster that consist of installations, art interventions and new public spaces within the blocks 69/70 and beyond.

Publicly driven Guerilla installations, Art Containers, events, installations and activities take over abandoned and underutilized spaces and transform them into usable public space to improve the quality of downtown. Some interventions, such as spatial occupancies, might have a temporary character, whereas others provide a more permanent urban enrichment, offering a refreshing, democratic contrast to the solely consumption-driven City Creek Project to the north. Events appear in different locations, coincide, create, offer, and disappear. Through overlapping of physical and digital space, new platforms of urban expression emerge, offering an atlas of commercial and communal activities that will slowly take over the new center of Salt Lake City.

Urban Art Lab’s central location and its performative and artistic flexibility offers an important anchoring function for an expanding future-repertoire of activities, providing a significant Epicenter and new center for Salt Lake City’s future social and urban development. Through the flexibility of the proposal – interventions function as micro events as well as in context to other implementations – an enduring and sustainable revival of blocks 69/70 is assured.